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Flex Disc’s low impact, rolling platform’s omnidirectional movement efficiently increases…

Mobility Stability Balance Strength


Flex Disc

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Flex Disc Mini

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Training Resistance Cord

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Regardless of your training level, the Flex Disc movement system will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Mobility – Lower Body

Mobility – Upper Body



Strength – Lower Body

Strength – Upper Body

Cable – Resistance

Cable – Anti-Rotation



As a Coach emphasizing quality movement, strength and running based training, I love using the flex discs for full body movements in mobility, stability and core related challenges for clients and my own workouts! The Flex Disc’s versatility enables me to use them for various running focused exercises as well as for my general fitness population. The mini discs can be used as stability pieces from the feet through the core as well as with many upper body positions to make typical primal patterns more challenging (push, pull, lunge) The standard Flex Disc is an excellent mobility tool for stretching, flexibility and stiff joints no matter our age or ability!
Coach Meghan RyanOwnerShine On Health Coaching Carlsbad, CA