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Flex Disc’s low impact, rolling platform’s omnidirectional movement efficiently increases…

Mobility Stability Balance Strength


Flex Disc

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Flex Disc Mini

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Training Resistance Cord

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Regardless of your training level, the Flex Disc movement system will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Mobility – Lower Body

Mobility – Upper Body



Strength – Lower Body

Strength – Upper Body

Cable – Resistance

Cable – Anti-Rotation



The Flex Disc is effective with my patients at all stages of healing and injury recovery.  In treatment of a patient post ACL reconstruction we used the Flex Disc for early AAROM of knee and dynamic hip stretching.  In later stages of rehabilitation, we used the both mini Flex Discs for core and hip stability.  We performed exercises in single leg stance and in plank position with dynamic 3D external perturbation rolling the discs. The Flex Discs portability makes it easy to take when I need to perform a home treatment.  I highly recommend the Flex Discs to all physical therapists and personal trainers that are geared towards teaching multidirectional, functional based, body weight resisted corrective exercises.  These Discs will compliment your treatments very well!!