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Flex Disc’s low impact, rolling platform’s omnidirectional movement efficiently increases…

Mobility Stability Balance Strength


Flex Disc

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Flex Disc Mini

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KB Handle

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Training Resistance Cord

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Regardless of your training level, the Flex Disc movement system will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Mobility – Lower Body

Mobility – Upper Body



Strength – Lower Body

Strength – Upper Body

Cable – Resistance

Cable – Anti-Rotation



Flex Disc has helped both myself and students achieve a new level of living inside our bodies. Flex Disc moves you beyond your physical limitations, corrects muscle imbalances and creates a dynamic functional flexibility that cannot be replicated by any other piece of fitness equipment. It has just the right amount of fluidity and resistance to improve your joints, total range of motion and correct nerve entrapment.  I use the Flex Disc as a warm up with all populations of students from the very deconditioned to professional athletes.  We love it and cannot go back to life with out!
Yogi Brian ButurlaOwnerYogi Brian’s Classical Yoga StudioNorwalk, CT